How to Introduce An Evidence Based Successful Nutrition Counseling / Weight Loss Program To Your Practice

Give Your Patients A New Lifestyle… Not Just Another Diet!!! ®

As a busy doctor you do not have the time to provide your patients with a customized nutritional program specific for their nutritional / medical goals, based on personal food preferences and metabolism.  In the past, giving your patients nutritional advice has been complicated, time consuming and not profitable.

If you are interested,in introducing or elevating your practice with a credible nutrition program that could increase practice referrals and revenues by $100 – $300 K annually with Cash, Insurance, or Medicare Reimbursement then complete the Request More Info / Meal Plan to evaluate for your clinical philosophy and patient demographic.

USC University of Southern California

Lifestyle Nutrition has trained over 900 practices nationwide in the past 30 years

For A Limited Time  Lifestyle Nutritionis seeking healthcare practices for exclusively to represent as a clinical reference site.To evaluate, complete your nutritional questionnaire and request exclusivity for your area. This is a limited offer based on availability. Request aWebinarwith one of our Licensed Progressive Clinical Nutritionists!

Lifestyle Nutrition has trained over 900 practices nationwide in the past 30 years. Our program is evidence based, NIH reviewed, USC validated, FDA listed, and has published peer reviewed research.


Re-Think Your Philosophy

If you are convinced that patient compliance is poor using generic diet sheet handouts and you would prefer to provide individualized clinical meal plans, then complete your questionnaire and view our videos.

Whether your focus is with medications, hormones or diet products a Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Program adds credibility and improves long term compliance.  Many of our seasoned progressive doctors rely exclusively on our Lifestyle Program rather than medications, hormones and diet products.

No Selling of Diet Products

Complete your questionnaireto evaluate our program for your clinical philosophyand patient demographic.Evidence – based, peer reviewed Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling Program utilizes a metabolic analyzer and nutrition management software to provide your patients with custom clinical meal plans, exercise program and weight lossrecommendationsincorporating healthy supermarket food.  Insurance and Medicare Reimbursement may be available for patients.

Lifestyle Programs Are Less Costly to Patients, More Profitable to Owners and Market Credibly To Peers and Community

To Learn More, Watch Our 3 min Intro Video Now!

Dr. Tim Chiropractor

As a busy Holistic Chiropractor practicing for many years. I do not have the time to make up a nutrition program and most programs are not flexible to accommodate my clinical philosophy and patient demographic.[show_more more=”Read More” less=”show less”]Now with the Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Analyzer and meal planning software I generate an additional $250 K annually with minimal involvement from me.  My patients like knowing which specific foods to eat and patient compliance is improved because they are not hungry with cravings anymore. Most Chiropractors in my are selling supplements so I get a significant amount if referrals into the practice from patients who have tried all the diet products, hormones and supplements.[/show_more]

Dr. Ron MD Endocrinologist

As an Endocrinologist I am happy to finally provide my patients with a nutrition program that focuses on normal healthy food, personalized exercises while incorporating long – term lifestyle changes that are much more individualized than a booklet or diet sheet handout for my patients.[show_more more=”Read More” less=”show less”]Before my patients were not receptive and did not comply to my diet handouts and suggestions. Now my medical assistant provides our patients with specific food recommendations rather than just teaching the traditional carb gram counting or food group counting. Our patients like we can include specific Southern or ethnic foods in their meal plan. Now surprisingly, my patients are more receptive to changing their eating habits with the Lifestyle Metabolic approach to nutrition counseling.[/show_more]


Lifestyle Nutrition Medical Weight Loss Programs generate between $295 and $3,800 for 12-week Executive Wellness Programs without selling diet products, supplements, hormones or additional services.  Depending on the medical weight loss practices’ marketing, training and support needs, our Lifestyle Nutrition Turnkey Nutrition Medical Weight Loss Programs cost between $200 and $600 monthly.   Typically, one patient per month can cover all costs of the program. A typical start up  practice can anticipate a ROI of 2,000%  and mid-size  practices can experience ROI’s of 3000 – 6000% including new patient referrals.

If you would like more detailed information and are serious about introducing a comprehensive Turn-Key Weight Loss Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Counseling Program then watch Our 7 min video also.  Then Request a Webinar with one of our Licensed Progressive ClinicalNutritionistsand request exclusivity for your area!

If Your Serious Watch Our 7 min Detailed Video Now!

  • Research Validation University Southern California, Published American Journal of Clinical Nutrition & Many Peer Reviewed Journals, Consensus Findings by National Institute of Health Confirming Accuracy and FDA Registered.
  • Provides Significant Cash, Insurance & Medicare Revenues into Practice With Existing & New Patients With Specific Diagnosis.
  • Can Provide, Cardiac, Diabetic, Glycemic, High Fiber, Paleo, Gluten Free, IBS, Mediterranean, Atkins, Zone, Metabolic Typing, Sports Nutrition, Food Combining, Alkaline, Vegetarian, Pritikin Meal Plans BASED ON YOUR PATIENTS FOOD PREFERENCES.
  • Accurately evaluates body fat, lean body mass, body water, goal weight, and metabolic rate (BMR) – Provides Custom Meal Plans – For Weight Loss, Weight Gain and Weight Maintenance Program.
  • rogram Focuses Available Healthy Supermarket Food,. Lifestyle Programs Are Less Costly to Patients, More Profitable to Owners and Market Credibly To Peers and Community. However, Your Nutritional Products Can be Incorporated into Their Meal Plan as an Option if you desire.

Complete Your Custom Meal Plan Questionnaire and Schedule a Webinar with a Nutritionist. We will review your options and then you will be able to effectively evaluate our program for your philosophy and patient demographic.

Christopher Fuzy, MS, RD, LD is the Founder and President of Lifestyle Nutrition Inc. and, has a Master’s Degree in Clinical & Sports Nutrition with offices in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton, FL and
Red Bank and Neptune NJ.  Over the past 30 years, he has trained over 900 physicians nationwide in the implementation of his Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Counseling Program®. For More Information or to try your own nutritional program, visit or call 800-699-8106.

 For Doctors or call 800-699-8106. 

Medical Weight Loss Program for Doctors
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