How To Choose The Correct Body Composition Analyzer Or Metabolic Analyzer For Your Health Care Practice.

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How to choose the correct body composition analyzer or metabolic analyzer for your health care practice. Here is my advice after nutritionally counseling patients in our private practices for 30 years and training over 900 doctors nationwide with nutritional counseling programs.

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So, you are starting a nutrition program and are trying to decide which body composition analyzer will be the best for your medical, chiropractic, or weight loss practice. Or if you already own a body composition analyzer or metabolic analyzer and want to improve or elevate your nutrition counseling program then read on.

Maybe you’ve decided that you want to use the Paleo, Keto nutrition program, or HCG nutrition protocol, medications and or meal replacements to help your clients lose weight.


What is the most important aspect of your weight loss practice? is it the body composition analyzer, the metabolic analyzer or the nutritional protocols that you will be using for your clients?

After practicing clinical and sports nutrition counseling in private practice and setting up over 900 practices nationwide with nutrition counseling programs in the past 30 years here’s what I have learned. The most important aspect of your weight loss program is having a LIFESTYLE PROGRAM to go along you’re your weight loss protocols/ program. The reintroduction of normal food is when clients regain the weight they lost or blood labs go back to abnormal levels.

Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling Programs based on patients eating healthy supermarket real foodare less expensive to clients and more profitable for their owners. Behavioral lifestyle programs market well, and gain the respect from community and peers, patients are less likely to revert (relapse) to their old habits once they discontinue to purchase diet supplements or medications. HOWEVER, MANY OF OUR DOCTORS COMBINE OUR LIFESTYLE NUTRITION PROGRAMS WITH OTHER WEIGHT LOSS MODALITIES.

We know it’s easy to lose weight but it’s very difficult to keep it off and do it HEALTHY. So imagine if you had a metabolic analyzer and a body composition analyzer that could provide individualized clinical meal plans based on your patients food preferences, activity level (specific exercises) ,  lean mass, activities of daily living calories in less than a couple of minutesyour assistant can provide the complete program with shopping lists goals and specific name brands of foods to eat  for the individual supermarkets in your city i.e. Costco, Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Publix.  Picture this,  the metabolic analyzer, body composition analyzer software can provide clinical meal plans for diabetes, sports nutrition, Paleo, Ketogenic, pregnancy, digestive problems, Mediterranean an many more.

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After 30 years of setting up nutrition counseling programs with Physicians chiropractors naturopaths and gyms nationwide I feel the biggest component to a nutrition counseling weight loss program in addition to individualized clinical metabolic meal plans is the marketing,  support and  the training and not the piece of equipment that quantifies the body fat or metabolic rate however having an accurate, research validated metabolic analyzer is important however, it isn’t the most important aspect of a SUCCESSFUL weight loss, anti aging, nutrition counseling program.

Whether you own or are looking for an InBody, Seca, Tanita, Bod Pod or DEXA body composition analyzer

If you already own a metabolic analyzer or a body composition analyzer or are looking to purchase one, then;

Complete Your Custom Meal Plan Questionnaire and Schedule a Webinar with a Nutritionist. We will review your options and then you will be able to effectively evaluate our program for your philosophy and patient demographic.

If you want to introduce or elevate your current nutrition counseling program and provide customize individualized clinical meal plans or ad a behavioral / lifestyle component to your weight loss or nutrition counseling program, then

Invest 3 minutes and complete the Custom Meal Plan Questionnaire / Request More Information and one of our Licensed Clinical Nutritionists will send you your personalized nutritional program.

List of Metabolic Analyzers

  • Secz mBCA
  • Medical Body Composition Analyzer
  • Seca mBCA 514
  • Seca mBCA 525
  • FIT3D Body Scanner
  • Bod Pod Body Composition analysis
  • Cosmed Bod Pod
  • Bodystat 1500 Body Fat Analyzer
  • QuadScan Multi Freqency Body Composition Analyzer
  • Bodystat 1500MDDBody Composition Analyzer
  • MedGem Indirect Calorimeter
  • MedGem Metabolic analyzer
  • Body Gem metabolic analyzer
  • Korr Metabolic analyzer
  • ReeVue metabolic analyzer
  • ReeVue Indirect Calorimeter
  • InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer
  • InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer
  • InBody 770 Body Composition and Body Water Analyzer
  • InBody S10 Body Water Analyzer


Lifestyle Nutrition Medical Weight Loss Programs generate and additional $100- 300 K annually without selling products and while improving your patients health.   Typically, one patient per month can cover all costs of the program. A typical start up Physician practice can anticipate a ROI of 2,000%  and mid-size  practices can experience ROI’s of 3000 – 6000%, including new patient referrals

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