45 Year Old Woman with High Blood Pressure & Pre-Diabetic

My Internal Medicine MD recommended going to see Christopher Fuzy / Lifestyle Nutrition. He knows Chris from working at the hospital together when Chris was chief Clinical Dietitian and referring patients in private practice for over 20 years. I went for nutritional counseling because I was 30 pounds overweight, with high blood pressure, high blood sugar (pre-diabetes) and high cholesterol. In the past I received general advice from personal trainers and other so called “nutritionists”, but the info was general and was not specific for my food and lifestyle preferences. Lifestyle Nutrition measured my metabolism and lean muscle and provided me with a program of how to eat at home, at party’s while traveling and at restaurants with real food. Chris gave me shopping lists, menus and everything I needed to make long term lifestyle changes. I lost 22 pounds of body fat, gained muscle, lowered my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar and do not need to take medications anymore. I feel a lot better. He helped me start exercising again, basically Chris changed my life!

Mary L.

“My Cravings And Hunger Were So Bad I Thought I Had An Eating Disorder”.

“At the risk for sounding dramatic I want to thank you. Your nutrition advice has helped me change my life physically and emotionally”. For the last 10 years I was convinced I had developed obsessive-compulsive disorder and was struggling with the diet binge cycle. I was all or nothing with exercise or eating. I had an abnormal constant, overwhelming hunger and cravings, I could manage a strict diet for 2 weeks and then something would set off my binging. I had to develop an almost absurd exercise routine – over 8 hours of weight training and cardio each week to keep from gaining weight. You were my last stop before I started emotional counseling for this mental disorder I thought I had.

After, a very short time of following your recommendations I don’t have the cravings and hunger anymore and have to remind myself to eat. I find myself readily making health choices and actually having to remind myself that it is time for a snack. I have not craved sweets in weeks. Thanks to you Chris, I feel I can happily stick to this new healthy lifestyle and progress towards a healthy weight.

Susan – Weight Watcher’s Instructor for 10 years

“I was concerned, my doctor said that I may have high blood sugar, I felt weak and shaky. After 3 consultations I feel so much better, I have more energy, lost 10 pounds, this is a program I can comfortably live with and not feel deprived! COUNTING POINTS & READING BOOKS are not enough! I always tell people that seeing you made the difference.”

Cherie – 44 year-old Executive who travels 50% of the Month

Working with Chris at Lifestyle Nutrition was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I had lost 17 pounds on WW and was “stuck” when I decided that I couldn’t afford not to go to Lifestyle Nutrition. Chris was incredibly supportive and by using his “road map” I lost an additional 33 lbs over the next 6 months without being hungry. His enthusiasm, recipes for success, information, resources, and ease of scheduling made it a much easier process than I expected. It became second nature to apply what I learned about proper nutrition and how it affects my health and weight. I travel about 50 percent of the time and the principles can be applied anywhere at any time. I gave away my “fat clothes” because I am confident that my healthy weight loss is permanent.

Cherie M.

“No matter what I ate bloated me, my cravings were unbearable, I was driven to eat chocolate daily, I was irregular and ate poorly. After 3, one hour consultations, over the holidays, I understand the science of nutrition and I am not afraid to eat anymore. I have more variety to eat, feel better, and lost 13 pounds my first month, without cravings. I am regular now, and I eat chocolate occasionally and with self-control. I thought I had an irritable bowel or reflux disease but now I feel fine!”

Brenda – 48 year old Executive & Mom, Stressed Out with Digestion Problems

“I was weight training with a personal trainer 3 days per week, running 45 minutes 4 days per week for 6 months and could not lose body fat or body weight. I was eating a macrobiotic / organic diet that I thought was amazingly healthy. I asked one of the nutritionists at Lifestyle Nutrition to fine tweak my diet. After one month my diet was balanced with mostly my foods, I lost 5 pounds of body fat, and increased 3 pounds of muscle, am not hungry and have better workouts.”

Shirley – 43 year old Athlete

Mother of 17 Year Old Daughter

Dear Chris,

I wanted to thank you and tell you how much your Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling Program has helped my 17-year-old daughter Lizzie. The concepts and ideas you shared with us have been so helpful. She has taken what she learned from you and ran with it. She is losing weight and feels good while doing it. Just the other day she made a large pot of Detox soup, which I asked her to share with her Dad and I as we enjoy it too. I’m so glad we found a Nutritionist who knows what they’re talking about. It just broke my heart when I used to see how frustrated and tired she felt when she was dieting last year. She was trying so hard and getting nowhere, other than weak and depressed. I’m so glad that is behind us now. Thank you for your professional help and the down to earth way with which you share it.

Lesli M.

“I tried every diet and diet product out there. I lost weight with most of them. Once I stopped buying their products I regained the weight. You taught me It’s a Lifestyle Not A Diet! I have lost 20 pounds; I was taking 3 pills per day to control my diabetes and was going through menopause. Well guess what, I am off my medication and my sugars are running great, my doctor and my husband are very happy.”

Ann – Physicians Wife – Was A Diabetic

I feel compelled to let other people know about the innumerable benefits of allowing you to educate people to enhance their health, quality of life while lowering their grocery bills. I was impressed by your humanity, communication skills and knowledge. My figure skating as a result is much improved. I am faster, more agile on the ice and my jumps are bigger. I feel better, look better and the quality of my life is getting better all the time.

Another wonderful side-effect of meeting you is that the course pays for itself in just a short time due to the fact that I am not throwing away my money on some pie-in-the-sky diet pills, diet fads and I am no longer buying expensive food that only added more fat to my body. Anyone who is sincere about being healthy, saving money and adding years to their life as well as life to their years, stands to benefit from enrolling in a one-on-one nutritional counseling course with you.

I am writing you to ask you to please use my letter as a whole-hearted, unsolicited recommendation

James – 44 year old Figure Skater

Young, outgoing and ready to concur as much of South Florida at the age of 24, I had finished college and had become a young professional. Did you know South Florida could be a very image-intimidating place and with the intent of hitting up all the hot spots.

My whole life, I had never been particularly thin & was always active in sports, I was healthy, but on the chunky side. Having picked up some bad eating habits in college and a newfound love for beer, my chubbiness was on the rise. I was not only concerned with my outward appearance, but also what I was doing to myself on the inside. Why was this so hard for me, and why couldn’t I figure a way to shake this 20 pounds off my body?

Confused, unmotivated and frustrated I decided to go to my mom’s friend’s doctor, who said the doctor was great. His walls were full of awards and news articles. He had done a few iron-man competitions. He didn’t give me many options and if I didn’t follow one of his rules then I was to burn…his regimen was too hard for me to follow) A few months went by I tried the best I could to stick to his plan, but I had only lost 10lbs and I wasn’t feeling too healthy. It was a no-carb diet, and I was feeling weak, dizzy, and I knew something was just not right. Feeling defeated I decided to put my efforts back towards e eating bad, and generally not treating my body right. I had quickly gained back the weight and then some.

Finally, I was asked if I wanted a nutritional consultation from a nutritionist, who was recommended by the gym. “ Christopher Fuzy (Lifestyle Nutrition), from the moment I met him, had such enthusiasm about his knowledge of nutrition and his want to share it. So I signed up for three sessions, which I will admit I felt a little strange. I mean I had 24 years of habits I was supposed to break in a total of three hours…Was this really going to work? What was going to make this guy different then what I had already tried in the past? Well the first thing I noticed was the approach. Chris said to me within the first moments of our meeting, “If you want to succeed just remember, this is not a diet, this is a way of life.” It was at that moment I took a deep breath and said, “OK let’s do it.”

Chris was able to open my eyes to a world of food that I didn’t have to hate. He told me, “It’s all about making better choices.” Chris asked me about my lifestyle, when and why I eat certain foods, and of course what my goals were. I wanted to be realistic, I told Chris there was a fabulous body wanting to come out, but I just didn’t have the ability to do it on my own. I wasn’t willing to give up my Saturday nights, or Friday nights for that matter, and that I have a small (understatement) love for pizza. Oh and of course I didn’t think that working out 7 days a week was going to last too long for me. Chris smiled and explained to me that I did not have to do that. Instead he helped me incorporate a food and lifestyle program into my existing schedule. I no longer was trying to fit my life into a diet, but rather making it fit with my life. Chris explained why certain foods are better then others through visual (food models) and written material (he asked me to eat specific foods throughout the week that taught me what to do). If I didn’t understand what he was talking about he would find another way to communicate it so I did. Chris was able to help me achieve and surpass my goals. It has now been 4 months since I started this new lifestyle and I am ecstatic. I have lost 30 lbs overall and lost over 6% body fat. I have lost 2 full pant sizes and feel better then I ever have before. My skin looks better, my body feels better and I am more in tune with what is going in it. Through this whole continuing experience I have made a new friend. Thank you Chris for all your support, knowledge and the belief I could do it.


24-Year-Old Single Party Girl

Ashley K.

“I am now 83 years old and can not tolerate weight loss medications. I have started with Lifestyle Nutrition’s recommendations, slowly, and have experienced no dysfunction except to have more energy and fewer cravings. I have lost 12 pounds of body fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle without any side effects.”

Vince – 83 year old retired man who was taking weight loss medication

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