After 30 years of nutritional counseling in hospitals, physician practices, and our clinics here is a summary of our approach for patients with specific medical needs or who are interested in wellness, weight loss or optimal health. What makes our meal plan software program significantly different than and body composition analyzer or meal plan software is that we recommend name brand foods to patients based in geographic location and local grocery stores.

When clients change the name brand foods they eat, and eat with healthy combinations of foods they see significant improvements, without have to count calories or weigh or measure food.  This non dieting approach is the key to long term compliance.

Our Lifestyle Nutrition Meal Plan software features are a result from feedback from thousands of doctors and patients over 30 years.  If your meal planning software has this flexibility you will be able to give patients a LIFESTYLE PROGRAM PATIENTS CAN LIVE WITH AND IMPROVE COMPLIANCE AND CLINICAL OUTCOMES.

Lifestyle Nutrition Meal Planning Software – in 3 minutes your assistant

  • Can alter  the % of carbohydrates, fat and protein,
  • Adapt for weight gain, maintenance or weight gain,
  • Provide 1 to 6 meal s/ snacks per day,
  • Includes activity of daily living calories, and Basal Metabolic ?Rate
  • Calories used during exercise, both cardio and resistance exercises
  • Can edit & include name brand foods based in geographic location and grocery stores
  • Can incorporate supplements

The key to a successful Lifestyle Nutrition Program is having your meal plan software  to provide a meal plan based on patients lean body weight height, age, sex and activity level. The higher the metabolic rate, and the more muscle and activity level, the more carbohydrates a patient will receive. Our default Lifestyle Nutrition Meal Plan Software program is a sliding scale meal plan that changes for everyone.

  • Blood labs
  • Metabolism
  • Activity level
  • Height, Weight, Age
  • Basal Metabolism, Resting Metabolism, and Daily Living Calories
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises Expenditure (based on lean muscle)
  • Genetic & Lifestyle Risk Factors
  • Lifestyle & Food Preferences

Whether patients purchase organic food at Whole Foods or shop at Wal-Mart, Costco or regular grocery stores the Lifestyle Nutrition Meal Plan Software will provide weekly goals, shopping lists, meal plans and nutritional information based on patients preferences and lifestyle. We Get Specific – No generic diet sheets.

Our Meal Plan Software will provide specific functional foods and food combinations that patients can incrementally incorporate to into their hectic lifestyle based on their food preferences without having to weigh food, count calories, grams, and food groups. We present and explain the specific name brand foods & custom exercise guidelines in multiple ways for better comprehension and compliance. Usually, within 4-6 sessions patients will have the necessary skills to instinctively understand the what and whys to eat specific foods while incorporating long term behavior modifications and embrace healthy eating and exercise to their lifestyle.

Lifestyle Nutrition Meal Plan Software

  • Provide weekly goals, shopping lists & simple recipes in a sequence that clients understand and look forward to incorporating lifestyle changes. Each session focuses on different foods and nutritional principles.
  • Provide a positive uplifting intellectual experience for most any patient demographic, from fast food junkies to raw food believers, and from gourmet chefs to domestically challenged over stressed professionals.

We Train Your Staff So Your Patients Can Effectively Create Healthy Meal Plans and Lifestyle Modifications.

  • During your webinar with one of our nutritionists you will see more of the specific recommendations we recommend by completing the Meal Plan Questionnaire Form

Here is a snapshot of some of the versions of the meal plan software that can be provided to the patient. Example Written Out Per Meal

Dairy: 1 cup low fat almond milk 1 Serving mealplan1
Fruit: ¾ cup berries or 1 apple 1 Serving
Starch: 1 cup steel cut oats or XX Cereal 1 Serving
Protein: Egg Whites or                     High Omega Eggs   1 Serving

Optional – Any Nutritional product or supplement can be provided in the meal plan software.

P.M. Snack: 1 Serving mealplan2
Dr. Jones Health Bar : 1 Serving

Snapshot Of Foods Written Out Per Day

Sample Menus “ Patients Do Not Weigh or Measure Food Portions!
3oz Protein Chicken & Detox Soup “ 5 Min Homemade Soup
½ c Starch Brown Rice
2 c Vegetable Oriental mixed veggies &/or Salad
1 tsp Vinaigrette
1/2 c Mixed Fruit

Simple or complex recipes are provided based on patients food choices
and preferences.

Exact Meal Plans ARE NOT provided on this web site & will be reviewed during our webinar with you after a nutritional questionnaire is completed.

The meal plan software will adjust automatically to the nutritional content of supplements you may incorporate into the meal plan.

Each weekly nutritional session clearly spells out what nutritional and lifestyle changes will be implemented and patients look forward to learning future solutions “ Most clients perceive the program as a positive uplifting experience. Positive reinforcement works well, UNLIKE FOCUSING WITH DIET RESTRICTIONS LIKE TRADITIONAL DIET COUNSELING.

Patients Typically Complete 3-12 Nutritional Sessions

One Size Does Not Fit All!
Blood Sugar Management, Not Calorie Management!
“Give Your Patients A New Lifestyle  Not Just Another Diet!! ” ®

You will be able to create a personalized meal plan with our meal plan software with conventional, widely available foods, functional foods, even a raw macrobiotic meal plan. Our meal plan software can quickly provide most any type of meal plan from a Cardiac, Diabetic, Paleo, Keto, Atkins, Zone or even a food combining program or a blood type meal plan, depending upon your needs.

Our Lifestyle Nutrition & Exercise Software is flexible to accommodate most nutritional & exercise protocols available. Many of our doctors like that our meal plan software has the ability to Incorporate Any Nutritional Supplement directly Into the Software and the Patients Meal Plan.

Depending on your philosophy and practice demographic many of our doctors incorporate supplements, medications, hormones and other services with our whole food lifestyle counseling program.  Its Your Choice & Your Philosophy

Our program concentrates on eating real food and is specific for each patient’s lifestyle & food preferences, is based on your patient’s lean muscle mass, metabolic rate, activity level & most importantly, the number and size of meals your patient desires without having to weigh foods or count calories. Lifestyle Nutrition believes that your recommendations as a physician should become a Lifestyle….. not just another diet®.

 We train your staff based on your philosophy and patient demographic.

Meal Plan Software

  • Cardiac – American Heart Association or Progressive Complimentary Protocoals
  • Diabetic- American Diabetes Association
  • Keto, Gluten Free, Intermittent Fasting
  • Low Glycemic, High Fiber, Plant Based
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Atkins
  • Zone
  • Paleolithic
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Food Combining
  • Alkaline Diet
  • Blood Type Meal Plan
  • Vegetarian or Vegan Diet
  • Pritikin Like Diet
  • Pain Management
  • Meal Replacement Program
  • HCG Hormone Lifestyle Program

Our Programs usually consist of 1-12 individual or group counseling sessions
You will provide your patients with:

  • healthy, real supermarket food
  • detailed shopping lists
  • food combinations, simple recipes
  • weekly goals
  • exact name brand foods
  • realistic exercise programs
  • specific eating out guidelines
  • stress reduction
  • focus on Blood Sugar Management Not Calorie Management

long-term behavioral changes and so much more

Your patients will thank you for giving them a nutrition program they enjoy and can live with. Please take 3 minutes and complete the Custom Meal Plan Questionnaire / Request More Information and one of our Licensed Clinical Nutritionists will send you your personalized nutritional program

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