Benefits of Body Composition, Meal Planning Software, Custom Macronutrients, & Increased Compliance

 Body Composition Analysis is Pointless, Unless You Coordinate a Custom Meal Plan

 by Christopher Fuzy MS, RD, LD

Body composition analysis is important for determining ideal weight, assessing calorie needs, expenditure and is imperative for customizing meal plans.  The key to successful nutrition counseling is determining the macronutrient ratio of protein, carbohydrate, fat ratio based on lean body mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Activities of Daily Living calories and calories utilized by Cardio and Resistance Exercise.    BMI is not accurate since it is simply a height weight relationship and does not take into consideration lean muscle, body water, cartilage,  and bone. Body composition analysis is much more accurate for determining risk for diseases and overall health.

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Body composition analysis is imperative during weight loss and weight gain to minimize lean muscle loss in weight loss and maximizing lean muscle gain in weight gain and sports nutritionBody composition analysis is important for providing clinical meal plans when managing blood sugars are important and coordinating clinical meal plans and having the ability to provide a sliding scale carbohydrate is paramount.  The Lifestyle Nutrition Turn-key Metabolic Counseling Program for Doctors specializes with providing the correct amount of macronutrients (Carbs. Protein Fats) with specific food combinations based on body composition and activity level. Using body composition analysis data to provide clinical meal plans are especially important with Cancer, Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiac, Hypertension, Lipid Management, PCOS,  Inflammation, Hunger Management, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Hypothyroid, GI – IBS, GERD, Immune Function and many more diseases and pre-diseases.

“Measuring Body Composition Analysis is Pointless, Unless You Coordinate a Custom Meal Plan With It.”

Body Composition Analysis Meal Planning software that includes calorie expenditure based on lean body mass and specific exercises that also incorporates calorie expenditure based on heart rate, can now allow for a significantly more accurate assessment of caloric expenditure and ideal macronutrient ratio for sports performance, weight loss fatigue, diabetes, pre-diabetes, inflammation etc.

Hunger, fatigue decrease and energy levels and lean muscle mass increase while stabilizing blood sugars throughout the day when you coordinate a customized meal plan with Body Composition Analysis, Calorie Expenditure, Activities of Daily Living, Metabolic Rate.  The key is to have meal planning software that your assistant can provide patients in less than 3 minutes.  Furthermore,  if you can provide everyday supermarket foods recommendations, and food combinations from local grocery stores based on Body Composition Analysis.

The Lifestyle Nutrition Turn-Key  Metabolic Weight Loss and Nutrition Counseling Program is less expensive to patients and more profitable to their  owners.

Lifestyle Nutrition provides both CONVENTIONAL and INTEGRATIVE meal plans for more than 30 disease specific clinical meal plans.

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Whether patients purchase organic food at Whole Foods or shop at Wal-Mart, Costco or regular grocery stores we provide weekly goals, shopping lists, meal plans and nutritional information based on their preferences and lifestyle. We Get Specific We provide the specific name brands of foods to purchase because many foods vary in nutritional quality.

Our individualized approach results in increased compliance, happier patients and better outcomes.

“Generic Diet Sheets do not work, they are too general and patient compliance is low.”

Dr. Tim Chiropractor

As a busy Holistic Chiropractor practicing for many years. I do not have the time to make up a nutrition program and most programs are not flexible to accommodate my clinical philosophy and patient demographic.[show_more more=”Read More” less=”show less”]Now with the Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Analyzer and meal planning software I generate an additional $250 K annually with minimal involvement from me.  My patients like knowing which specific foods to eat and patient compliance is improved because they are not hungry with cravings anymore. Most Chiropractors in my are selling supplements so I get a significant amount if referrals into the practice from patients who have tried all the diet products, hormones and supplements.[/show_more]

Dr. Ron MD Endocrinologist

As an Endocrinologist I am happy to finally provide my patients with a nutrition program that focuses on normal healthy food, personalized exercises while incorporating long – term lifestyle changes that are much more individualized than a booklet or diet sheet handout for my patients.[show_more more=”Read More” less=”show less”]Before my patients were not receptive and did not comply to my diet handouts and suggestions. Now my medical assistant provides our patients with specific food recommendations rather than just teaching the traditional carb gram counting or food group counting. Our patients like we can include specific Southern or ethnic foods in their meal plan. Now surprisingly, my patients are more receptive to changing their eating habits with the Lifestyle Metabolic approach to nutrition counseling.[/show_more]


Lifestyle Nutrition Medical Weight Loss Programs generate and additional $100- 300 K annually without selling products and while improving your patients health.   Typically, one patient per month can cover all costs of the program. A typical start up Physician practice can anticipate a ROI of 2,000%  and mid-size  practices can experience ROI’s of 3000 – 6000%, including new patient referrals

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Christopher Fuzy, MS, RD, LD is the Founder and President of Lifestyle Nutrition Inc. and, has a Master’s Degree in Clinical & Sports Nutrition with offices in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton, FL and
Red Bank and Neptune NJ.  Over the past 30 years, he has trained over 900 physicians nationwide in the implementation of his Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Counseling Program®. For More Information or to try your own nutritional program, visit  or call 800-699-8106.

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