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Lifestyle Nutrition Inc®.

Whether you are a DOCTOR or aPATIENT looking for credible nutrition counseling for your practice or  would like to come into one of our clinics, please click on the doctor or patient link below.   We have trained over 900 doctors nationwide and nutritionally counseled many patients since 1989. Our Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Counseling Programs are more successful than most programs because we provide custom meal plans based on clients food preferences, metabolism, activity level and lifestyle.

Our Programs Focus On Individual Food Preferences.

For Weight Loss, Medical Or Nutritional Goals Based On:



Individual Food Preferences

Activity Level

Doctors and Patients – Click Below

Lifestyle Nutrition Inc


If you are a health care provider looking for a Turn- Key nutritional counseling program for your practice.

Lifestyle Nutrition Inc


If you are interested in NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING in one our private offices


Try our bmi / bmr calculator!   We measure body fat and metabolism  to provide custom nutritional programs for doctors offices nationwide and in our private offices.  It is more accurate to measure body fat, lean muscle and metabolism than to just calculate BMI.  BMI does not measure lean muscle which is metabolically active and body fat which is metabolically inactive. BMI is a general guideline only.


Using our patented, research validated, professional Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Analyzer; we teach our patients and doctors offices nationwide how to incorporate whole, healthy, readily available, supermarket foods with long term behavior modification for most disease, pre-disease and wellness protocols.

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