Lifestyle Nutrition Economic Forecast

3rd Party Insurance and Medicare, Income Analysis Is Provided Based on Medical Specialty During  Webinar

The average cost for 20 pounds of weight loss in America is between $960-$1,600. Most programs are not physician supervised. and usually focus with diet products, medications, hormones, bars, or shakes. Source – Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

Packaged food programs cost $4,600 to lose 20 pounds of weight. Typically, 50%-70% of revenues collected for diet products, medications, hormones etc. are paid to supplement companies.

Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling Programs usually generate between $295 and $3,800 per patient (for a 12-week Executive Wellness Program) without selling products or additional services.  Depending on a practices marketing, training and support needs, our turn-key nutrition programs cost between $200 and $600 monthly.  

Typically, one patient per month can cover all costs of the program. A typical start up practice can anticipate a ROI of 2,000%  and mid-size practices can experience ROI’s of 3,000 – 6,000% including new patient referrals.

For the typical cost of a professional Body Composition Analyzer/Metabolic Analyzer we offer a complete Turn-key nutrition program with clinical support and training with Licensed Clinical Nutritionists, marketing support, brochures, posters, news ads, online marketing,

Lifestyle Nutrition’s suggested fee schedule 30% of usual customary fees for a weight management program and most commercial weight loss programs again, are not physician supervised.

  • We Offer Doctors the Option of No Start Up Costs .

More importantly, Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Counseling Programs based on patients incorporating real food are less expensive and more profitable for their owners. Behavioral lifestyle programs market well, and gain the respect from community and peers. Patients are less likely to revert back (relapse) to their old habits once they discontinue to purchase diet supplements or medications. HOWEVER, MANY OF OUR DOCTORS COMBINE OUR LIFESTYLE NUTRITION PROGRAMS WITH OTHER WEIGHT LOSS MODALITIES.


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