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Lifestyle Nutrition Metabolic Counseling Program - Corporate Wellness, Market Your Clinical Practice

Many physicians use our patient friendly graphic health risk assessment software to screen and to motivate existing patients within their practice to make lifestyle changes. Our corporate wellness programs, health screenings, lectures and health fairs are effective ways to deliver individualized screenings & presentations on power points in group settings which are much more individualized than general lectures. The assessments will motivate individuals to become more receptive about making lifestyle changes.

Corporations, small business owners and municipalities are looking for ways to decrease health care costs, motivate staff, and improve employee employer relationships.

Our goal is to advance your practice nutritionally so you can become a more effective health care provider, generating significant revenues and an abundance of new patient referrals, while creating loyal, happy, healthy referring patients and setting you apart from other doctors in your community.

riskLifestyle Nutrition Inc provide all the materials to effectively marketing samples a health fairs and health screenings.

Our health risk assessment software and health risk appraisals consists of patient friendly, color graphic reports that explain lifestyle and genetic risk factors to patients that can be generated by your assistant. These reports graphically show areas for improvement.

Patients can relate  to their actual age vs their medical risk age based on medical and lifestyle factors.

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