Our goal is to advance your practice nutritionally so you can become a more effective health care provider, generating significant revenues and an abundance of new patient referrals, while creating loyal, happy, healthy referring patients and setting you apart from other doctors in your community.

  • Published journal articles in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, & Peer Reviewed Journals and National Institute of Health confirming accuracy in medical studies.
  • Provides Significant Cash Revenues and New Patient Referrals  Into Practice With Existing Patient Load. CPT / Insurance Reimbursement is Available For Patients With Specific Diagnosis.
  • Can Provide, Cardiac, Diabetic, Glycemic, High Fiber, Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, Zone, Metabolic Typing, Food Combining, Alkaline, Blood Type, Ketogenic, Gluten Free,  Vegetarian, Pritikin Meal Plans .
  • Accurately evaluates body fat, lean body mass, total body water, target goal weight, and basal metabolic rate (BMR) – Provides Custom Meal Plan based on Patients Food Preferences – For Weight Loss, Weight Gain And This Is Your Weight Maintenance Program Also.
  • Nutrition Program Focuses on Real Food, Not Diet Products: Patients have an option to get results Without Having to Purchase Diet or Nutritional Products. Your Nutritional Products Can be Incorporated into Their Meal Plan.
  • Health Risk, Medical Risk And Longevity Risk Assessments Are Effective Tools To Motivate Your Patients And Provide Wellness Programs To Corporations, Municipalities, And Businesses With Little Involvement From The Doctor – EffectivePracticeBuildingTechniques.
  • Able to utilize a Medical, Chiropractic, Assistant, Nurse or Tech to Implement program.
  • Patients are Receptive To Doctor Based, Long Term Lifestyle Approach to Disease Prevention & Weight Loss Programs – adds Credibility to Your Practice, & is based on Research & Logic.
  • Minimal Competition, Open Market with Weight Loss and Disease Prevention Programs that Focus on Real Food. Online Programs & Point Counting.
  • Concentrates on management of patient’s blood sugar, not just calorie management, which decreases the patient’s hunger, cravings & appetite –focuses on insulin resistance.
  • Individualized aerobic & resistance exercise programs with specific target heart rate zone & calories utilized during aerobic and anaerobic exercise bouts.
  • Ongoing Training / Support From Clinical Nutritionists / Physicians
  • By promoting long-term lifestyle changes using real food and customizing a nutrition program individually your patients will be more receptive to your advice. This concept markets very well in today’s weight loss, anti aging and disease prevention environment.
  • Your patients will thank you for introducing them to your Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling Program!

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